Monday, September 20, 2004

Here are some Best and Worst moments from my weekend trip to Vermont:
- Best Ironic Moment: Hearing "Walking on Sunshine" on the radio as I'm navigating through dirt roads at 9pm on Friday night during a torrential downpour and fog so thick it looked like it was made out of cotton candy.
- Best Unintentional Comedy: Passing Gaylord Rehabilitation Center in Connecticut.
- Worst Bathroom Design: Men's room at Burger King at exit 24 of I-91N in CT. The urinal came up to my kneecap. Guys there must either be very short or very well hung.
- Best New Discovery: Biscuits with sausage gravy. This heart-attack-on-a-plate looks like vomit but tastes like heaven.
- Best Way to Spend $65 in the Middle of Nowhere: At The Spa. It gets you 1/2 hour in a hot tub and an hour massage. Try finding that in Manhattan.
- Worst Way to Make New Friends: Arrive at the house without enough gas to get back to the gas station, forcing others to drive me to said station to buy a plastic container and a couple gallons of gas... and having said gas stink up that car, all of the passengers, and eventually the first floor of the house.
- Best Truth in Advertising: A CT radio ad described the cheapest mattresses around: twin set for $99, full set for $199, etc. Their pitch? "Sure, they're mismatched... but who cares? You just cover them with sheets!"
- Worst Moment: Trying to mime "blog" to a room full of drunk and stoned bloggers during a game of "Truth, Dare, or Charades."
- Best Song I'd Never Heard Before and Now Can't Get Out of My Head: "Coin-Operated Boy" by Dresden Dolls. So fucking catchy.
Overall the weekend was a blast, and I can't wait to do it again... if I'm invited back, that is.


jen said...

i think you forgot to mention that you got an indie rock makeover and wore makeup for the better part of saturday night. that alone merits an invite back to the VT!

Brian said...

Good point... although I think it was more glam-rock than punk-rock. If Nick Rhodes ever leaves Duran Duran, I could fill in perfectly...