Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I learned Friday night while riding atop a touristy double-decker bus during a friend's birthday celebration:
- Brooklyn is "where the young people live"
- It is cheaper to rent an apartment on the Lower East Side than in Midtown
- Years ago, many LES people sold "fruit, vegetables, and pastry right in the street!"
- Tall people riding atop a double-decker bus are in serious danger of smacking their head on a streetlight if they are not careful
- Double-decker bus tour guides are well-versed not only in New York history, but also in high finance, and they are more than willing to offer financial advise free of charge
- Sections of Vinegar Hill in Brooklyn smell really, really bad
- The TLC song "Waterfalls" is still surprisingly popular among my acquaintances, although very few actually remember the lyrics
- It's really not as embarrassing for NYC residents to ride around in a double-decker bus as one might think... at least when booze is involved

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