Monday, December 12, 2005

I think StileProject was right on when they named this woman Cameltoe of the Year. That thing looks like Audrey 2 with its mouth shut in Little Shop of Horrors.

And while we're on the subject, during Spamalot there is a moment where 7 members of the cast are trying to spell out "CAMELOT" with signs. They first spell "MOLECAT," then spell "CAMLTOE." When the 2nd spelling came up, the guy sitting right behind me (who had been silent up until that point) yells out "Cameltoe! Now that's funny!"
It is? Thanks for clearing that up, jackass. I never would've known. And I'm sure the cast and crew are ecstatic that a one single joke out of 2 hours struck your fancy. Now sit the fuck back and shut the fuck up.*

*Note: this marks the long-awaited return of Angry LastStop. Enjoy!


back row dude said...

Hey Brian,

You sure seemed to laugh at a lot of 'recycled' jokes during the performance. That was before you trashed it on your precious blog. Why don't you leave the cameltoe jokes to people, like me, who truly appreciate it. You wouldn't know a cameltoe if it came up and spit on you!!

Ha Ha! Now that's funny!

Tommy Himself said...

Wow. That's amazing toe! It's casting a shadow on her legs!!

But "Cameltoe of the Year"? Come on. Don't want to turn you into Angrier LastStop, but I've seen better.

Megs said...

on behalf of all women: fuck you, jerkoffs.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Even your readers are angry!

Don't hate the blogger, hate the toe!