Monday, December 19, 2005

My roommate's annoying mother is in town again... for 2 weeks! Fortunately she's not staying with us, but she sure hangs out enough at our apartment. She walked in on Saturday as I was watching the Giants / Chiefs game... here's a sampling of her words of wisdom in the 20 minutes before I turned the TV off and retreated to my bedroom:
- (in reference to a player being penalized for taunting) "Taunting"? I always thought it was "tauning."
-(in reference to the same penalty) I wonder what he said. Probably "your mother."
-It's a good thing my cyst cleared up.

-Don't you think my Davey (my roommate) looks handsome in turquoise?
-(in reference to John Madden) Wow, he sure is fat!
-Well, I guess I'll take off. (she stayed for another 10 minutes)
-Don't you think Joaquin Phoenix sings better than the real Johnny Cash?

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