Thursday, November 27, 2008

YouTube Live is officially a thing of the past. Despite the many headaches suffered making it, the show seems to have been a success. I hear we broke the record for most simultaneous streams of any event in the history of the internet, got more than 4 million viewers during the event, and more than 15 million video views to the on-demand section since it ended. If you missed anything, you can catch up here.

I'm now down in Florida with my parents, trying to relax a bit. I could use a good 3 week vacation right about now. Alas, that's not gonna happen. At least I get to watch 3 football games today.

Speaking of which, I will forever hate the Denver Broncos. I picked them last week in my $165,000 suicide pool. How did they let Oakland score 31 points? They'd scored 4 touchdowns in their last 7 games! Fuck the Broncos. FUCK THE BRONCOS!

Oh, and yes, I will begin fulfilling the promise made in my 5th birthday post. Starting December 1. Check back then.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

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