Monday, December 01, 2008

Sucky Garfield (#1 of 20)
I'm back in NYC after a week in Florida. There's nothing like a week of relaxation being completely erased by a nightmare at Fort Lauderdale airport, when your flight is delayed four hours due to storms up and down the East Coast. Then after finally boarding, the flight attendant had the audacity to make this announcement (quoted verbatim):
"JFK Airport has put a stop on all incoming flights, so we will not be able to depart for at least another hour. But I figured you all would rather be sitting on the plane rather than in the stuffy terminal."
Yes, because everybody prefers cramped seats and recirculated air to wide-open spaces, wi-fi, food courts, and bathrooms. Duh.

As promised, today is the start of a new series on LSTT: Sucky Garfield (sucky title, I know). For some reason when I was nearing the end of elementary school, I was obsessed with Garfield. So I started to draw parody movie posters featuring Garfield in the starring role. This, despite the fact that I clearly had no artistic talent whatsoever. They would often include "clever" title changes (as you will find out in the coming days). I uncovered a folder of 20 of these drawings, and I will post one a day, along with select commentary.

Since today is Monday, I'm starting with Monday the 13th. I was also obsessed with horror movies back then, so you'll see that a lot of them are based on slasher flicks. This one isn't that embarrassing, but it's a pretty crappy drawing. Apparently Garfield doesn't have to actually grasp the knife... it just sort of floats next to his fingers. Also not only can I not draw Garfield (or severed body parts), but I can't draw the letter Y or the number 3 in box lettering. Sigh.


Megs said...

Brian, that straight up cracks me up. If I get a chance in the next few days, I'll send you a pic my mom found and sent to me a few weeks ago, something I made at the end of first grade. For some reason, everyone's heads were squares. I guess I couldn't draw good ovals?

Brian said...

Ooh, definitely send that to me. Although first grade is totally acceptable to have trouble drawing... 4th/5th grade, not so much.