Monday, December 08, 2008

Sucky Garfield (#6 of 20)

What else was I obsessed with in elementary school? Ernest! For some reason my dad loved him, too. Together we saw Ernest Goes to Camp, Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Rides Again, and the holiday classic Ernest Saves Christmas, which is the subject of today's drawing.
No, that's not a dinosaur... it's clearly a (very unhappy) reindeer, based on its hooves and antlers. Why just one and not eight? Too much work. Apparently it was also too much work to put presents in the sleigh, or a harness on the reindeer, or the speech bubble for Garfield to say "ho ho ho" (which I'm assuming is why his mouth is wide open). And Earth may not be 100% round but how about those realistic-looking continents?

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