Friday, September 24, 2010

Chronology of Celebrity Crushes

1987: Nicole Eggert (
Charles in Charge)

In 1987, Charles in Charge made a major cast overhaul, replacing the lame Pembroke family with the feisty Powell family. The move not only brought more of the funny, it brought Nicole Eggert to my attention. Suddenly Buddy Lembeck's wacky antics were no longer the main reason to watch. Nicole got hotter and hotter with each passing season. It almost made being a male nanny seem like a desirable profession. Almost.

Post-Charles thumbs-up: 1992. That was the year Eggert had sex scenes in the Haimster / Feldog debacle Blown Away and joined the cast of Baywatch.

Post-Charles thumbs down: She was a contestant on Celebrity Fit Club this year. At least she was the thinnest cast member...

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Anonymous said...

I agree that Nicole became more and more desirable as that show progressed through the years. She was so beautiful and sexy, and there were some scenes which really excited me so much because of her nipples becoming erect and poking through her clothing. I think more than any other girl, with the possible exception of Kelly from saved by the bell, Jamie Powelll embodied the essence of an insanely desirable teenage girl, who I imagined playing with herself and getting SO wet and gooey between her legs when she came. Nicole, when she was about 17, also became the first actress about who's clitoris I ever took an interest. I imagine her holding the hood back when she masturbated and seeing her clitoris swelling slightly and poking out quite provocatively as she became more and more sexually aroused. Prior to Nicole, I had never even dared to imagine such a thing, but the mental image was so insanely erotic to me.
A year or two later and Kelly from "Saved by the Bell" was baring herself the same exact way for the same exact reason: she needed to masturbate, and just like Nicole, her tiny adolescent clitoris got beautifully erect when she would play with it.
I apologise for being so explicit, but those two girls were so influential with their beautiful on-screen hotness, and to think about them cumming was a pleasure beyond words to convey.