Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!
Wow, with all the excitement in my life (or maybe it's due to the total lack thereof), I missed the fact that Last Stop has now entered the Terrible Twos. Amazing that I haven't tired of this yet... or written something that's gotten me fired. But we'll leave both possibilities open.
And just like that, I'm going on sabbatical... heading to Florida tonight for the holiday, so most likely no new entries until I get back on Monday.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


Anonymous said...

How pathetic that I've been reading this almost daily for the last two years. It's been nice to see ranting, angry LS:TT disappear and a more soothing (although by no means milder) LS:TT come to be. Happy Birthday LS:TT.

Anonymous said...

So angry:

Monday, November 24, 2003

While buying lunch, the guy ahead of me paid his $6.30 in quarters... and the retard kept losing count and having to start over... what a douche. If only my knife hadn't been made out of plastic... and if only I had the guts to back up statements like that...

Brian said...

You want angry to return? Okay... you just awoke the sleeping giant!