Friday, November 11, 2005

TRL Moments of the Week
In honor of Spankin New Music Week: Now and Next, I'm picking a choice moment from each day for your reading pleasure…

Pharrell makes an entrance to the show by driving up in his $1.1 million black Enzo Ferrari (the one that appears in his video "Can I Have It Like That"). He pulls up to the curb, Vanessa does a quick interview with him, then after tossing to a video starts to lead him inside. Pharrell begins to follow her, then stops in his tracks, looks back at the car idling in the street with the doors open, and says "Yo, what's gonna happen to my car?"

Australian twin sisters The Veronicas make their first visit to TRL. As Damien is dong a Get To Know segment with them, he asks what artist people would be surprised to know they like. One of them says "k.d. Lang," then quickly adds "We like boys, but we like her music."

Damien is interviewing Hilary Duff, who has brought the premiere of her new video. They discuss the fact that Good Charlotte's Joel and Benji helped her write material for her "Most Wanted" album. He asks her if she'd ever write material for GC, and she says no… to which Damien says "Well it probably wouldn't work, since you basically write about puppies and stuff."
She was not pleased.

Green Day finally agreed to perform on TRL. And not 1, not 2, but 3 songs! Unfortunately, when the band shows up (late) for soundcheck, it seems that drummer Tre Cool is so hungover, he needs to be hooked up to an IV. And our medical staff is not licensed to do such a complicated procedure. So actual paramedics were called in, strapped Tre to a gurney, and started pumping him full of fluids.
(He did manage to make it through all 3 songs, albeit with an extreme look of nausea the entire time. And they were amazing.)

In a slap-to-the-face of classic-rock lovers around the world, Lindsay Lohan informs us that she wants to do a medley of her current single ("Confessions of a Broken Heart") and either Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" or Stevie Nicks' "Edge of 17." A collective shudder ran through the staff.
(She ended up doing "I Want You to Want Me," which was surprisingly palatable... at least by her standards)

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