Monday, February 26, 2007

Very blah Oscar ceremony last night. I don't blame Ellen... she was entertaining. But the show dragged and was completely devoid of memorable moments. So boring was it, in fact, that in E Online's coverage of it, they have a chart of winners listing which films won the most Grammys last night. Personally I cannot believe that Children of Men lost Best Cinematography and that Pan's Labyrinth lost Best Foreign Film. Also I'm surprised that Anna Nicole Smith didn't make it into the In Memoriam package. Seriously. But I'm happy that The Departed did so well... it was my favorite movie of 2006.


Ally said...

Oscar not Grammy. But same fucking thing I guess. Minus the grills.

brotherjimmy said...

totally agree/surprised with ANS not being in the memorium- what the academy is above reality stars? do the right thing.

i guess naked gun was never a lame.