Friday, October 26, 2007

I just read this MySpace bulletin from Motley Crue (yes, I'm MySpace friends with Motley Crue):

Vince will soon be opening up his new bar in West Palm Beach, FL called VINCE NEIL'S DR. FEELGOOD'S. Set to open up in late November sometime, Vince hopes to be able to perform at the grand opening of it. Vince was in West Palm Beach this past Tuesday to see how things are going with the bar. Vince also states that he hopes to open up more locations in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

West Palm Beach? End of November? Hmm, that's where I will be for Thanksgiving. Could be perfect timing. Although I have seen Vince perform solo once before, at BB King's here in NYC, and it's not a pretty sight. During "Girls Girls Girls" he brought some strippers out on stage, and when members of the audience reached out to touch her, Vince freaked out and stormed off. As this was only the 4th song of the set, the audience started booing and chanting "asshole" and "refund." Eventually management forced Vince to finish his set, but not before they put metal barricades up in front of the stage. So maybe I shouldn't be this excited to rehash that experience. And yet, I am. Go figure.
Dr. Feelgood's is a good name for a bar, though.


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