Monday, October 22, 2007

It has been quite a long time since my last post. Almost a month. Sorry, I just cannot seem to get motivated to post. Odd, since I've got more free time these days. You'd think I would want to use this as an outlet to write something. But then, you'd be wrong. Honestly, I'm on the verge of retiring the site. But not yet... cause I've finally got some stuff on my mind.

- You know I'm a huge Yankees fan, and a huge Joe Torre fan. And I think it's despicable the way Steinbrenner threatened Torre at the start of the playoffs. But Torre needs to lay off calling the Yanks' offer an "insult." $5 million would still make him the highest-paid manager in baseball, and if he reached all the incentives, he would make more money than he earned this year. I do think he's still the best manager in baseball. Probably. At least there's nobody I would immediately say I'd rather have manage my team. But it's true that the Yanks haven't been to the World Series since he signed his last extension. So is it that unfair to lower the base salary? If I were Torre, I wouldn't want to manage the team anymore, so I think it's fine that he's walking away. But don't blame the offer.

- I also hope that the Yanks go after Joe Girardi rather than promote Don Mattingly. Girardi has proven he can manage a team; Mattingly still seems a bit green to me.

- One last baseball note: Cleveland's third-base coach Joel Skinner should be crucified for holding Lofton at 3rd in the 7th. There's no way Manny would've gunned Lofton down at the plate. And yes, it's possible Blake would still have grounded into a double play. But if Manny had thrown home, Guitierrez might've made it to 2nd, eliminating the double play... and who knows what happens after that.

- On last week's Real Time with Bill Maher, a bunch of crazy 9/11 conspiracy theorists who had infiltrated the audience began heckling and yelling. At one point, an agitated Maher became annoyed that security hadn't thrown the man out yet and rushed into the audience to help. Come on Bill, who are you kidding? Like you would really get into a physical altercation with an audience member if they guy wasn't 1) much older than you, and 2) already being restrained by security. Way to make yourself look like a tough guy for your viewers.

- I don't know why I like this video of Nintendo sports bloopers. It must be the music... "Yakety Sax" (a.k.a. the theme from The Benny Hill Show) makes almost anything funny.

- Went to the Ghostland Observatory show at Webster Hall on Friday night (I had to choose between a free ticket to that or paying $40 to see Christopher Cross at B.B. King's... I think I made the right decision, even though one of my friends who went to CC called the show "magical"). Ghostland put on an amazing show. Plus, I was informed by a reliable source that the guy responsible for the laser show used to handle Pink Floyd's laser show. Lasers make every concert better... my friend Jared and I can't understand why more bands don't use them these days. (Maybe it's a safety issue... another guy I knew at the concert took a laser in the eye and started feeling discomfort. Although maybe it'll help his vision in the long run... kinda like free LASIK)


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Joe Torre and Christopher Cross in the same post!?!! Now that's magical - Like two unicorns prancing together on fluffy white clouds.

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