Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This morning I had my fourth sleep clinic session. To update everyone, per instructions I had begun to move my bedtime earlier by 15 minutes every 4-5 days. The move to 1:45am went smoothly, as did 1:30; in both cases, I continued to fall asleep in about 3o minutes. However when I started going to sleep at 1:15, I regressed and began taking close to an hour to fall asleep. The doctor told me that I should schedule an appointment with the clinic's psychologist to give me relaxation exercises. She also suggested that I cut out chocolate. This is now getting ridiculous. I've already given up caffeine, staying out late, sleeping in, and alcohol past 11pm (er, for the most part). Eliminating chocolate is going too far. Is all of this sacrifice worth it? I'm starting to lean towards no.

On my visit, I noticed that the 99-cent store right next to the subway entrance (D train at 205th St.) has changed ownership. If you look at the sign below, you'll see that it boasts "everything 99 cents or more." You may not be able to tell from this photo, but the word "more" has clearly been pasted over the original sign. Did the previous owners offer everything at 99 cents or less? That seems like a much better deal to me. 99 cents or more could be anything. Hell, Ferrari dealerships could claim the same, as long as they at least sold a $0.99 keychain or something.
Finally, I'm glad so many people have been ripping into A-Rod for backing out of his contract (during the clinching game of the World Series, a point I should have mentioned but didn't). But so far, nobody has done a better job of it than Scott Miller at CBS Sportsline. His column is pure venom. I love it!

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