Monday, March 03, 2008

Facts & Figures From My Recent LA Trip
- Nights spent: 8
- Different couches (or floors) I crashed on: 4
- Times I ate at In & Out Burger: 1
- Times I ate at Roscoe's House of Chicken N Waffles: 1
- Times I ate at Griddle Cafe: 1
(None of these figures were nearly high enough)
- Words to adequately describe the deliciousness of the Nutella French toast at Griddle Cafe: 0
- Concerts attended: 3 (Jon Brion @ Largo, Tilly & the Wall @ Echo, Grizzly Bear & LA Philharmonic @ Walt Disney Concert Hall)
- Number of celebrities spotted: 3 (Matt Dillon @ Griddle Cafe, the oldest son from Big Love @ Grizzly Bear, Adrian Grenier @ Tilly & the Wall)
- Number of seconds after spotting her that Adrian started hitting on my friend Amy, despite the fact that he was with a date: approximately 7
- Number of times I've left a credit card at a bar in 79 months living in NYC: 0
- Hours I'd been in LA before leaving a credit car at a bar: 12
(At Largo after seeing Jon Brion. I went back 2 nights later to get it back, on a night when Sarah Silverman and Louis CK were doing stand-up, and managed to sneak into the sold-out bar unnoticed and without paying a cover... then I stupidly sought out the owner instead of waiting until after the show, and he kicked me out after giving me my card back. I'm an idiot.)
- Number of car crashes witnessed: 1
- Number of minutes spent in traffic: incalculable
(No wonder there's so much traffic there... drivers don't know how to stay in one lane, they don't signal, the roads all need to be repaved, light sequences suck so that you hit red light after red light, lanes are simultaneously for driving and parking... it's the traffic more than anything else that's preventing me from moving out there)
- Chance I'll move out there in the near future: still very slim to none

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