Wednesday, March 12, 2008

- I'm still heartbroken over the end of The Wire. The final episode wasn't as good as the penultimate (that's second-to-last, for all the dopes out there), but I loved it anyway. Everyone I know who watches the show is heartbroken about what happens to Dukie, and I think that the scene between him and Presbo was the best of the episode. Damn, I'm gonna miss this show. Hopefully they'll release a massive DVD box set of the entire series, and hopefully someone will be nice enough to buy it for me.

- Yesterday my mom made me call her to tell her the Post and Daily News headlines about Spitzer, even though they are easily accessible online. My dad thought that the Post's "Ho No!" was very funny. So did I. My mom didn't get it.

- New York's K-Rock radio (92.3 FM) is doing a March Madness-type bracket trying to find the best rock band of all time. Here is my bracket (note that you fill it out based on the world's opinion, not your own... otherwise mine would have looked rather different). So far there have been 9 battles, and I've only picked 7 correctly, because New York-area radio listeners are apparently morons. I don't even like the White Stripes, but they should have beaten Audioslave. And for Sublime to beat Alice in Chains is sacrilege (although probably not completely unexpected, as a friend told me that a recent poll by LA's KROQ listeners ranked Sublime as the #2 band, behind only Nirvana). So no 73-inch flatscreen TV for me.

- Some fancy boutique store is offering an updated version of Hypercolor shirts... at $68 a pop. And they look really lame. Not like the original ones from the late 80s, which were cool. And to answer your question: no, I will not be buying one. Seriously. I won't. Swear to God.

- MTV is streaming the trailer for Lost Boys 2, which looks utterly atrocious. And if what's on screen isn't bad enough, there's also a horrible cover of "Cry Little Sister," one of the best movie theme songs of the 80s. I don't recommend watching it, but if you really wanna, here it is:

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