Sunday, May 11, 2008

View from the Top
The view from my apartment is slowly but surely disappearing.
For the past 10 months, construction crews have been diligently erecting a luxury highrise (The Harrison) directly across the street. This obviously annoyed me and my roommate, but on the positive (or at least not negative) side, we heard that the building would stand 16 stories. We live on the 17th floor of my building, so we expected to keep this view of the skyline (and the JCC pool directly in our sightline):

However, the other day I noticed that the stories in The Harrison are slightly taller than the ones in my building.

It's hard to tell from the perspective in this photo, but The Harrison's 8 floors are the equivalent of my 10. So when it hits 16, it will unquestionably be taller than my window.
Goodbye NYC view. Hopefully I'll at least get to see inside some interesting people's apartments.

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