Monday, July 07, 2008

Some quick notes as I consider to rue the decision to continue a game of beer pong with SoCo after the 4th of July party I was at ran out of beer...
- My Emmy is already starting to pay off: I've been deemed worthy of a Gothamist interview. Although I'm regretting giving my approval to that photo...
- Our good friend over at The Sticking Point has at long last posted his first podcast... or as he calls it, a Pointcast. Give it a listen.
- I, along with some other former workers on the now-deceased Fuse daily show The Sauce, will be part of The Rejection Show on Wednesday. Sorry for the short notice, but I didn't realize I was part of it until today. Feel free to drop by if you've got no plans.
- Was my edition of The Borough Standings so bad that Time Out NY discontinued it? Or did they get so annoyed by my complaining that they discontinued it? Either way, there have been 3 issues since then and no Borough Standings. Sorry to those who liked that feature.

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