Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Wow, I can't believe it's July already. I've been so swamped with work over the past month... last Saturday was my first real day off since June 8. But now that things have calmed down a bit, it's time for some updates...

- Thanks to everyone for their congratulations on the Daytime Emmy. I just this morning received an e-mail on how to claim my statue. It costs $325 and takes 6-8 weeks to arrive, but it will be engraved, which I was not expecting. Kind of pricey, but worth the money, methinks.

- The reason I've been so busy is because I've been writing for a new Fuse dating show called You Rock, Let's Roll. It's similar to The Dating Game, but the pickers are music lovers and the contestants are musicians (in a very loose sense of the word). Despite the extreme work and stress, it actually turned out much better than I had anticipated. It premieres July 14th at 6pm, but don't feel obligated to watch.

- Also thanks to You Rock, Let's Roll, I'm now the proud owner of the World's Biggest Piano Mat! Although I'm highly dubious of their claim.

- Last night a group of co-workers and I went to the Brother Jimmy's on 32nd St. for all-you-can-eat rib tips, hot wings, and beer. When we were done I split a cab uptown with a co-worker, and who should step out of the cab we had hailed? Lance Bass (and his manager), looking spiffy in a suit. And he walked right into Brother Jimmy's, presumably also for rib tips, hot wings, and beer. The cab driver informed us that he had picked them up at Lincoln Center, although he had no idea who Lance Bass or N'Sync were (but he did vaguely remember Bass trying to buy his way onto a space shuttle). My co-worker was very excited to be sitting in Lance Bass's "ass warmth." She was more than slightly intoxicated.

- I'm probably very late to the party, but FailBlog is my new favorite website. Check it out.

- Last Wednesday night I saw Pearl Jam at MSG. Amazing, amazing concert. I was sitting behind the stage, 4 rows up (very cool perspective being able to watch all the fans on the floor, who knew every single word to every single song, and also being able to watch Eddie drink 3 full bottles of wine over the course of the show). Good thing I hadn't been in the fifth row, because about 10 minutes before PJ hit the stage, the people behind me suddenly realized they'd been splashed. Not by water, or beer, or soda. But by vomit. Good times.

- And finally, why does Heath Ledger's Joker look so much like Brandon Lee's Crow?


Tommy Himself said...

The only logical explanation I could think of to the Ledger/Lee question is: that makeup is cursed.

Also, I think you eat far too many ribs and hot wings for a grownup.

Brian said...

I actually didn't have a single hot wing... stuck solely to the rib tips. And yes, I definitely eat too many of them.