Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Amazing that it's taken me so long to share this bit of good news (I've been pulling 15-hour days at work lately), but... I'm officially a Daytime Emmy winner!
Yup, Cash Cab pulled a major upset over Jeopardy (and, to a lesser extent, the Drew Carey-hosted Price Is Right) to win Outstanding Game/Audience Participation Show at the Creative Awards given out on Friday night. As I was stuck at work that night, I had to watch the show on an online stream. Here's the moment of glory:

Whoever wrote Oscar's copy deserves and Emmy of his/her own.
It's a great feeling, and an unexpected one. Maybe I should have been more confident that we would prevail. After all, my mom kept telling me she had "a funny feeling it would win." And if you can't trust your own mother's funny feelings, who can you trust?

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emily said...

Congrats!! I was just watching Cash Cab this week. My dream is to be on it, ya know. Does it ever make it to Harlem??