Wednesday, November 03, 2004

When I posted yesterday that things could not get worse for Florida, I was wrong... very wrong. They voted for Bush. Now things will not only be worse for Florida, but they will be worse for the entire country (and probably the whole world). It's very troubling to be a Floridian today.

Also troubling is that last night I found out one of my best friends from college is being shipped out to Iraq in January. He's always been impulsive... when he graduated from Penn he had no idea what to do for a career, so he moved to Thailand for 2 years to teach English, and when he returned he enlisted in the Army. He did a fantastic job in basic training and seems ready and willing to go overseas to fight for his country and support his president... and even though I don't support the war, I have to support his decision. But I'm terrified for him. He'll be a sniper in Iraq, which I'm hoping will keep him far enough away from immediate danger, but it's still a very frightening development, especially given the re-election of Bush, who is to stupid and stubborn to even contemplate removing troops in the immediate future. I'll have my fingers crossed the entire time he's there.

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