Friday, May 05, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
On Wednesday, Tom Cruise kicked off his trek around NYC outside of TRL. 10 minutes for the show, I went outside with the hosts and crew, where we found thousands of fans eagerly waiting for Cruise. As we were outside, one of our hosts tried to interact with the crowd, but got absolutely no response. Frustrated, VJ started audibly complaining that everyone looked like they were sedated on drugs. Once Cruise did arrive and waved to everyone from the top of his SUV, the crowd went nuts.
Later, backstage inside, VJ was talking to our guest Jeremy Piven and starts describing the crowd outside as full of "crazy cult people." Then VJ compared Cruise's arrival and wave to the crowd to Hitler in Nazi Germany.
Yeah, that's not the best topic of conversation with a Jewish celebrity who, having worked in Hollywood for 20 years, may be friends with Cruise or associated with Scientology. And there's no reason to get upset that people weren't responding to you outside. You're an MTV VJ. He's Tom Cruise. 'Nuff said.

Speaking of Cruise, he showed off some crazy dance moves on 106 & Park.

And speaking of crazy dance moves, Kanye caused quite a stir when he did the "Carlton dance" to "Take On Me" during his set at Coachella. Apparently it's not the first time.

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