Friday, May 12, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
On Wednesday we had 3 Victoria's Secret supermodels on the show: Gisele, Adriana, and Karolina. Since they're paid to make anything look sexy, we took boring products and made the girls model them. Adriana had a fishing magazine, Karolina had oatmeal (sorry no photo), and Gisele had fertilizer. Lots of fun, those girls.

Not nearly as fun were the AFI fans who invaded Times Square to catch the world premiere of the band's new "Miss Murder" video in Nokia Theater. Too cool for TRL on any other day, they spent their time booing other TRL artists, heckling the VJ's, chanting in unison, and looking depressed underneath pounds of foundation and eyeliner. As I was prepping a fan to help interview the band, another fan growled at me, "Do you even like AFI?" Um, no, I actually have taste (although some find my taste questionable... see #6).

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