Tuesday, January 02, 2007

All's Not Quiet on New Year's Day (or the day after)
Hope everyone enjoyed their NYE celebrations. I was the writer for MTV's show (although I did not write this already-infamous ad-lib), so I spent most of the night in the control room. Fun, but not terribly exciting. However, writing the show did give me access to various musicians' hand-written Ultimate Party Anthems playlists, which are basically lists of their 10 favorite songs. Some unusual choices in there. For example, +44 is a fan of t.A.t.U. Gwen Stefani is only a fan of her new album and The Sound of Music. Taylor Hicks is a huge fan of the 80s (especially Tears for Fears), but he can only count to 9. Both Taylor and A.F.I. are fans of Lionel Richie's "Dancing on the Ceiling." But I think the most surprising submission was Lady Sovereign's choice of the Beach Boys / Fat Boys version of "Wipe Out." There are few bigger Beach Boys fans out there than me, but to call that one of the Ultimate Party Anthems is beyond even my comprehension. At least I give her points for originality.

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