Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The publishers of the 33 1/3 music books are seeking proposals for more books in their series. I don't have the time or resources to write one of those books, so instead I'll request that people submit the following albums:
- Zombies - "Odyssey and Oracle" (although given this one was singled out in the guidelines, I'm sure nobody will pick that one)
- Flaming Lips - "The Soft Bulletin"
- Garbage - "Version 2.0"
- Runaways - "The Runaways"
- Pearl Jam - "Vitalogy"
- Rilo Kiley - "The Execution of All Things"
- Cure - "Disintegration"
- Alice in Chains - "Dirt"
- Stooges - "Fun House"
- Pretenders - "The Pretenders"
Good luck all you aspriring writers. And if you choose one of these and get picked, you can thank me in the acknowledgements.

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