Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Some quick hits for this slow Wednesday:

- My friend Jared produced a film Manda Bala, which is in competition at Sundance. So far the reviews have been great. I hope he's able to sell it. Good luck.
- My sister got called for jury duty on Monday, then got placed on an armed robbery case. It should last until the end of next week. She's miserable, but I think it'd be interesting to be on a jury. Certainly more interesting than what I'm doing now.
- Why is everyone making such a big deal about Dreamgirls getting the most Oscar nominations? Three of the nods are for Best Original Song, and it's not up for Best Picture or Best Director.
- Everyone has already made a huge deal out of it, but this year's Coachella line-up really is ridiculously good. Alas, it's the same weekend as my 10-year high school reunion in Florida. What to do?
- I may be a blogger, but at least I don't live on the Lower East Side.
- According to this SonyBMG release schedule, Velvet Revolver's new album is coming out May 15th (in the US, 14th overseas). Sweet!

Okay, gotta wrap this up. Today's the first TRL that my replacement is writing / floor-producing, and it's about to start. Must tune in.


Anonymous said...

trl sucked with you, im sure it'll still suck without you.

Tommy Himself said...

Coachella: Konono No.1 is playing?! Holy shit. I'd go just to see that. Download as much as you can of theirs (go for "Kule Kule" first), and read all you can find. AMAZING.