Friday, January 18, 2008

Ab Fab
This morning, as I was exiting the subway (southbound Houston St. exit on the 1 line), I saw a homeless man sleeping in the station. He was wrapped up in a sleeping bag, with two garbage bags filled with his possessions at his head. Also, he had an Ab Swing. Now I'm not sure that anyone who consumes such little amount of food as a typical homeless needs to worry about an expanding waistline, it is quite an endorsement of the product. Despite having nowhere to live, he doesn't go anywhere without his Ab Swing.

(The only six-packs he should be worrying about are the ones he can get the deposit on. Ba dum dum!)

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triplehandsome said...

True story, on Tuesday night I was walking home and decided to take a different route and walk down Charles Street. As I turned the corner near Mary Fish Camp I saw Sarah Jessica Parker leaving her house and having a nice moment with her son. She looked around and jumped into her car. Pretty cool I thought. About eight strides later at the corner of Charles and Bleecker there was a man leaned over in the phone booth pissing all over the ground. Yup, that's a New York minute.