Monday, January 21, 2008

Pick Your Poison
Well, it's the Patriots vs. the Giants. Unbelievable. As if having my beloved Dolphins go 1-15 wasn't bad enough, now I have to endure this. The playoff team from each conference that I least wanted to make it to the Super Bowl are playing for the championship. I honestly do not know who I will root for. I can't support the Patriots, those arrogant bastards, and I refuse to back Eli, having never forgiven him for his baby-like tantrum in refusing to play for the Chargers when they drafted him in 2004. So now I'm in a lose-lose situation: either the Patriots win and the Dolphins will no longer be the only undefeated team in NFL history, or the Giants win and Eli will have more Super Bowl rings than Marino. I'm seriously considering boycotting the game and pretending like this season never happened. The whole thing makes me sick.

At least this video of a cheesy Portuguese lip-syncing band getting what they deserve cheered me up. A bit.

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