Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Random Storytime
Saturday night. An NYU bar in the East Village. I'm watching the Pats / Jags game with some friends (who will remain nameless). Shortly after halftime, a group of four, shall we say, undesirable females enters and congregates near us. One of the girls attempts to strike up a conversation with one of my friends, who wants none of that. Another of my friends, who is more than a little drunk (and involved with a long-term girlfriend), steps in and starts chatting her up. Which is fine with the rest of us, as he deflects all of their attention.
A little more than an hour later, my friends and I are ready to head to another bar. As we're organizing ourselves outside, our talkative friend emerges... with the undesirables. They walk right past us and head to the curb in search of a cab. They're practically pulling him along. My friends and I call out to him, but he waves us off and says he's going with them. We're slightly concerned, but we let him go and head off on our separate way. I think that the chance of him actually cheating on his girlfriend is fairly slim, but then again he is pretty wasted, and when he gets that way, his behavior is anyone's guess.
Later that night, I send my friend a text: "What the fuck u doing?" No response. It's not until the next day that I find out what happened.
He hopped in a cab with the undesirables and headed to a party at one of their friend's apartments. Two blocks into the ride, one of them turned to my friend and said "So... do you mind if we talk to you about Jesus?" He waited until the cab reached a red light and then, without a word, jumped out of the cab and went home.

The end.

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