Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yesterday, this site was mentioned on the Fuse show "The Sauce" (along with Stereogum and Patton Oswalt's MySpace blog - good company to be in). After such exposure, I feel a lot of added pressure to write a good post, at least for the next few days. So today, I am starting a new segment on LSTT:

Things That (Probably) Only Amuse Me
When I'm riding on the subway (generally an express train) and I see somebody stand up long before we reach the next stop and confidently stand in front of the door to assure himself/herself of being the first passenger off the train... only I know that the opposite doors will be the ones that open. Then it takes the person much longer than it should to realize that there is a giant wall behind the doors where the platform should be, and he/she has to turn around, only to discover that a group has already congregated in front of the correct door.
That gets me every time.

I'll also bring back a segment that hasn't been done in a while:

Strangest Keyword Searches That Led People To My Site
- kate beckinsale colonics: I don't have any info on where she gets them, or if she gets them, or what she looks like getting them. But now I'm intrigued.
- cliff notes on the movie Coach Carter: Do they make Cliffs Notes for movies now? I would think it'd take longer to read than to actually watch the movie.
- "phil collins" "against all odds" "down syndrome": Is there a connection between the first two phrases and the third? Maybe that would explain a lot about Collins...
- mazeltops mama: What the hell does that mean?

And finally, just a run-of-the-mill link: Patton Oswalt's essay after the Onion dared him to eat a KFC Famous Bowl. My favorite line is about Kentucky shepherds being "full of rage and slathered in confusion." So far in my life I've never been slathered in anything... maybe that will be my resolution for '08.

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