Thursday, January 06, 2005

Time for a new segment here on Last Stop: Strangest Keyword Searches That Lead People to My Site. Here are my top 3 favorites from last month:
#3: girls that have big hig breasts
- What the hell are big hig breasts? I'm guessing hig=high... unless I'm just clueless. Maybe someone can fill me in.
#2: doo doo feces
- I wish I could find out the age of the person who did this search. Just to satisfy my curiosity. And what exactly was the person looking for? And when did I ever write doo doo?
#1: andrew ridgeley porn films
-I'm amazed at this because I didn't think that anyone besides me cares about him anymore, let alone wants to see him in porn. The image of him wearing short-shorts in the "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" video is more than enough of what the public need to see of him... although now that I think about it, his being in Wham! could lead to some excellent porn titles (as could his being married to Keren Woodward from Bananarama, if she's his co-star).

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Anonymous said...

I want to see a photo of Keren's breasts.