Monday, January 10, 2005

TRL Moment of the Week
Slow week with few guests... so by default, it has to be when Missy Elliott came on to promote her new reality show. We had her judge a mini-MC Battle between two members of the audience. Both choked big-time: the guy was awful and the girl was even worse. When it was over and Missy had to comment about each performer, all she could come up with was:
To the girl: "I didn't like that you shouted-out Converse. I have a contract with Adidas. You're gonna get me in trouble!"
To the guy: "I liked that you told the audience to get their hands up. Good work getting them involved."
Talk about searching for a compliment.

MTV Quote of the Week
"My girlfriend made me this scarf, and now I'm gonna go piss my pants."
- Steven from Real World: Las Vegas at Saturday night's RW/RR Battle of the Sexes 2 Reunion wrap party. This line came after he gave an extended monologue to MTV's (female) Director of Development about how awesome Trischelle's vagina is. He did not actually piss his pants, but he did pass out at the bar.

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