Friday, January 28, 2005

Worst TRL Moment of my 13-Month Tenure
Alicia Keys was our guest on Wednesday. A couple years ago, I had heard that a girl from my high school had worked with Alicia on her debut album, as a back-up singer or something, but I hadn't kept in touch with her and had never seen her on-set during Alicia's previous visits to the show. Honestly, I wasn't very close with the girl... the most time I ever spent with her was in a terrible production of Little Shop of Horrors in which she was Audrey to my Seymour (and in which I totally stunk up the the place).
Anyway, as we're heading to commercial, I hear a girl call out "Brian!" and look over to see the girl from my high school. It's been almost 8 years since I've seen her, so we spend a couple minutes doing catch-up small-talk. Then, out of nowhere, she calls Alicia Keys over and says, "Remember that tape of Little Shop I showed you? This is Seymour!"
(Oh no)
Alicia smiles at me and shakes my hand. "It's very nice to meet you."
She continues, "I've seen that tape... it's hilarious!"
(Oh God no)
I say, "It's awful! I can't believe you've seen that tape."
Her posse, sitting behind her, chime in, "We've all seen it. We watch it all the time!"
(It's a party tape!!! NONONONONONO!!!)
The VJ's overhear the conversation and start peppering me with questions, especially Vanessa:
"You were Seymour?"
"Can you sing for us?"
(No way)
"Wait, this is on tape?"
"Can you bring in a copy?"
(Hell no!)
Then a P.A. runs into the control room and tells our senior producer what happened, and he makes me tell the story to the entire staff during our after-show post-mortem meeting.
And now my nickname around the office is "Seymour."
And now whenever Vanessa sees me, she starts singing "Feed me, Seymour!"
And now I need to destroy the tape the next time I go to my parents' house in Florida, lest it fall into the wrong hands.
And now I can never again floor-produce when Alicia Keys is a guest.

TRL Moment of the Week (On-Camera)
One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray wore a Napoleon Dynamite t-shirt on the show on Tuesday. He may be a brooding tool, but he has good taste.


Anonymous said...

That makes the baby Jesus cry....

from laughing :)


Anonymous said...

You poor thing. Maybe she'll do a VHI Classics request to you, as an apology for that premium embarrassment.