Monday, June 05, 2006

Back from a long week in San Diego for this summer's Beach House (MTV Summer Sizzle '06, y'all!). Here are some random Cheers and Jeers from the trip.

Jeers to the people surrounding me on my flight out there. The woman next to me was carrying the contents of her purse in one hand as she rushed onto the plane, then couldn't believe she lost her credit card somewhere between the terminal bathroom and her seat (the 2nd time she'd lost a card at the airport in less than a week). After canceling the card and searching all through the flight, it turned up under her seat. The seniors sitting across the aisle couldn't stop laughing and repeating lines from the in-flight movie, Big Momma's House 2. The 40-year-old diagonally across from me was subtly picking his nose and eating it... and not real boogers, but the stringy snot stuff. Hideous.

Jeers to the audience member we were using as a contestant for a Date My Body stunt who, during rehearsal, got a raging boner in his tiny swimsuit.

Cheers to our producer for instructing the segment producer, in all sincerity, to make sure the kid doesn't get a boner during the live show because we can't show that on-air.

Jeers to Beach House casualties. We lost one VJ to food poisoning, one to fooallergieses, one to injuries sustained on the wave pool. Dangerous stuff out there.

Cheers to the housekeeper in my hotel room. She even rolled up my tube of toothpaste to make it easier to use. And yet I still forgot to tip her.

Cheers to SPF 45. No sunburn for me! No tan either, but I'm used to that.

Jeers to sketchy Mexican food. It wreaked havoc on my stomach. That'll teach me to eat at a place called Moose McGillycuddy's.

Cheers to In-N-Out Burger. Cause it's so good.

Jeers to desperate times calling for desperate measures. Former Pearl Jam / Candlebox drummer Dave Krusen was drumming for Cheyenne during her performance on Wednesday. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Cheers to causing Chris Brown discomfort. He made an entrance on a paraglider. With his microphone on, everyone on the crew could hear him writhe in pain, saying "Ow, my kids are disintegrating! Ow, I'll never have a family!" Good... we don't need him to be spawning.

Jeers to MTV's dubious hiring practices. In a room filled with college girls hired to book audience members, I overheard one girl ask the room "Wait, is there a 'c' in 'tickets'?"

Jeers to the homeless in San Diego. According to my boss, when he was using a public restroom one of them entered, pulled down his pants, and started washing his balls in the sink.

Cheers to faux pas. Ashlee Simpson dropped by on Friday, sporting her new look. Live on the air, VJDamien said, "Wow, you look great. This is probably the best I've ever seen you." Apparently he didn't know she'd had her nose and lips altered.* When I told him, he was mortified, sulking backstage and saying "I can't believe I did that... I didn't know!"
* Note: she does look much improved.


Tommy Himself said...

Hey - I'm not homeless. But gonado-hygiene is a priority in my life.

Anonymous said...

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