Monday, June 19, 2006

I saw An Inconvenient Truth over the weekend, and it freaked me out. Completely. All of the statistics and drastic world changes Gore discusses will take place in the next 50 years, which is within my lifetime. At least I hope I live another 50 years. I think. Maybe I don't want to live long enough for the ice caps to melt and for the ocean to submerge a huge portion of the earth and for the average temperature to increase 12 degrees and for massive famines and hurricanes. Of course it's possible Gore is pulling a Michael Moore and is only using data that supports his theory. Maybe glaciers that have melted are reforming in other places. But I doubt it.
I will say that while at first I was bummed, now I'm annoyed that Gore claims he is not running for President in 2008. These slide-show presentations are all well and good, and it's nice to educate people, but he must know that it won't bring about the changes he wants. He needs to push legislation through himself. He needs to step up. Please.

And one side note: the film includes this hilarious clip from Futurama. "Gwobo wapa?" Good stuff! (the first couple seconds are messed up, but then it works)

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Tommy Himself said...

Wait until you see Who Killed The Electric Car?*

* I haven't seen it either. But I've seen the trailer and devoured the filmmakers' website.