Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I've recently seen concerts from Joan Jett and the new Guns N Roses, and the rumors continue to swirl about Genesis reuniting. Which led me to ponder: which bands (of which all original members are still alive) would I most like to see reunite in their classic line-up and perform live? Here's the list I came up with:

1) GnR (with Matt Sorum on drums, not Steven Adler): Because I was obsessed with them growing up. Because my mom wouldn't let me see them in concert when I was a kid. And because I'm sure something insane would happen, either with each other or with the audience.
(As much as people say this will never happen, I think it will. Given Axl performing with Izzy lately and his reconciliation with Sorum, I predict they'll come back together when they are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2013. Which is just 7 years away…)

2) The Police: True, Sting now does plenty of Police material in his solo shows. But his touring bands do not capture the frantic energy of the original trio. And maybe they'll actually kill each other onstage.

3) Pink Floyd: Until recently, they would be #1 on my list. But after their lackluster showing at Live 8, and the fact that I will have seen live shows by both David Gilmour (with Richard Wright) and Roger Waters (with Nick Mason) this year, and the fact that tickets would be so astronomically priced, they slide a couple spots. Now if they managed to get Syd Barrett with them, that'd be another story.

4) Soundgarden: I was fairly late joining the alternative movement, instead listening to my 80s collection well into the 90s. I have since caught amazing shows by Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice in Chains, and most of the other big names… but I never got to Soundgarden.

5) The Smiths: Similar situation to the Police situation. Morrissey does the songs at his solo shows, but it's not the same.

Honorable mentions:
- Runaways (kind of complicated… outside of Joan and Lita, who gets in? Cherie? Vicki? Michael from The Bangles?)
- Stone Roses (see Police / Smiths, but for music I don't rate as highly)
- Talking Heads (ditto previous entry)
- Black Flag (because Tommy would kill me if I didn't put them on this list. I would enjoy the show, I'm sure)
- Genesis (I'm not that familiar with the music from the original line-up, but it would be cool to see Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins perform together. Collins says it will happen. We'll see.)
- Wham! (so lame I can't even believe I'm actually including them)
- STP (I saw them perform twice while still together, so it's not like I'm dying to see them again… but they are my favorite band of the 90s)


DoctorJones said...

On a post where you talk about Black Flag, Genesis, STP, and GNR you actually had the impressive set of stones to throw in Wham! That is the single biggest reason why you are the coolest guy I know.

Tommy Himself said...

Replacements (OK, Bob's dead -- Slim will do.)
CCR (the original 4-piece with Tom)
Minor Threat
Velvet Underground
Black Flag (Keith, Robo, Greg, Chuck)
Husker Du
Black Flag (Henry, Robo, Greg, Kira)
King Crimson
The Blasters
Dead Kennedys
Del Fuegos
Meat Puppets
Jane's Addiction
Galaxie 500
Uncle Tupelo
Too Much Joy
Scruffy The Cat
Walt Mink

Brian said...

FYI, Replacements were very tough to leave off... but Bob's dead. And I have very strict guidelines.

Anonymous said...

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