Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yesterday I received a very curious e-mail from a friend (who will remain anonymous) that read:
i dreamt about you last night. you had been missing for awhile, and then once people found you we started sharing an office. when i came to work in the morning, you started complaining to me about the new "boxer shorts surcharge tax."
And now I'm very confused. Any Freudians or dream experts out there who can decipher this?


Becca said...

this dream is obviously about your friend's fear of a boxers tax. duh. now that the estate tax is here to stay, and we working people of the world are already taxed out the wazoo, what can come next but an underwear surcharge? and since boxers normally have more material than, say, lace thongs, you'll get the brunt of the tax. (i really hope the dreamer was a woman. if not, my interpreation is way off.)

Anonymous said...

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