Wednesday, June 14, 2006 Beware
This is a warning against Last week I placed an order for the new Tilly & the Wall cd and a book for my father, To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever (since my sister went to Duke, he is now a hard-core fan). I received a package from them; instead of my items, they sent me the book Essential Psychopharmacology of Antipsychotics and Mood Stabilizers. With the cover creased. Which might be an interesting read given my recent Melatonin problem, but it's not what I wanted.
Now I'm in a fight with their customer service, since I'm trying to cancel my order but also want them to pay me the money it will cost to ship the book back. It's impossible to talk to them: fill out their online complaint form, and you get back a form letter ignoring your problem. And good luck trying to find a phone number (which I finally did, thanks to a complaint forum). All this because of their claim that all their books are 10% cheaper than Amazon's.
Serves me right for being so thrifty.