Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Jack (er, Brian)

After reading an article about happiness in this week's New York magazine, I decided to take the online Authentic Happiness Inventory test this morning. Above is how I scored. Apparently I am almost exactly as happy as the rest of the world, or at least of people exactly like me. I expected to score higher than a 3.0. I seem happier than that. Is it possible that I don't know what true happiness is? Myabe I'm missing out on moments of extreme bliss. Maybe I should buy more lotto tickets.

Note: I'm sure that my happiness score plummeted to about a 2.4 an hour after I took the test, when I watched footage of Paris Hilton in the recording studio, laying down vocals for a song called "Fight Over Me" with the following lyrics:
Everytime I turn around, the boys fighting over me
Everytime I step out the house, they wanna fi-ight over me
Maybe cause I'm hot to death and I'm so so so sexy
All the boys, all the silly boys, they wanna fi-ight over me


Becca said...

those lyrics are a joke, right?

Mike said...

Oh, Paris, the Uwe Boll of the rest of the world.

When will the bad (wo)man stop.

walein said...

My happy-o-meter just plummeted reading those lyrics.

brotherjimmy said...

I got a 3 also. I feel alot closer to you now.

Anonymous said...

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