Friday, July 21, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week - Freshly Buried in the TRL Graveyard
Uma Thurman and Luke Wilson dropped by yesterday to promote My Super Ex-Girlfriend. The following two stunt ideas were e-mailed to my boss, independent of each other, one by me and one by the other writer (I won't say which one is his and which one is mine... but you should be able to guess). Both were shot down.

My Super's Ex-Girlfriend
-We have kids who live in apartments bring in their super, along with his ex-girlfriend. (Or Luke and Uma track down their supers and ex-girlfriends.) Not sure where we go from there.

My Soup or Ex-Girlfriend?
-We give guys a choice: get back together with your ex-girlfriend, or we'll give you this bowl of soup. First, the girl pleads her case of why she's better than a bowl of soup. Then, Uma and Luke weigh in with their opinions. What will the guy choose? Stay tuned!!!

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brotherjimmy said...

Yeah now would not be a good time for either of you guys to ask for a raise.