Monday, July 10, 2006

Jimmy Dean... Rock On!
Congrats to my friend and co-worker S____, who is starring as The Cloud in a new series of Jimmy Dean Sausage ads. The commercials are not airing yet, but you can see some additional promos here.
(Note: you may also recognize him from this Microsoft commercial)


billbrasky said...

Isn't S_____________ the kid that keeps kosher and leaves at 2pm every Friday? Now he's in a Sausage commercial. Those Jews will comprimise anything for a buck.

Anonymous said...

There is such thing as kosher sausage, you jerk. Maybe not kosher Jimmy Dean sausage, but still. Gotta run...sun's setting.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill -

It looks like you left elementary school early the day they taught everyone how to spell "compromise".

brotherjimmy said...

Simmy, You remind me of a Cumulus cloud. Cumulus clouds are puffy in appearance. They look like large cotton balls. Cumulus clouds usually form when warm, moist air is forced upward. As this air rises, it is cooled. If it is cooled below its dew - point temperature, condensation will occur. The size of a cumulus cloud depends on the force of the upward movement of air and the amount of moisture in the air. The largest cumulus clouds are caused by very strong upward movements of warm, moist air. The clouds that produce heavy thunderstorms in summer are a form of cumulus clouds called cumulonimbus. Cumulonimbus clouds may extend upward for hundreds of meters.

Anonymous said...

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