Monday, August 14, 2006

Back in town from Buenos Aires. Photos to come, hopefully tonight. Had an amazing time... great to get away from NYC for a while and just relax. And not spend a lot of money (liters of beer there cost about $3.00, the subway 23 cents).

Speaking of the subway, last night after I'd unpacked I met up with my sister to have dinner. On the ride back (on an uptown 1), I witnessed one of the saddest pick-up attempts I've ever seen. On a nearly-empty train with me were 3 college-aged girls (one of whom was a visitor from Ireland) sitting across from me and a dorky-looking guy seated a few seats down from me. The Irish girl was asking her friends how they live in a city filled with so many good-looking guys, and the girls said that usually it's not so good, but today they happened to find a particularly potent spot. The guy interrupted the girls, saying that he thought he had been on the same subway with them earlier in the day going to a concert downtown (he was right). After briefly discussing the concert, the guy crossed the train to sit next to them. He asked them about their earlier conversation about the good-looking guys, then said "I hope you included me in that grouping." To which the Irish girl responded:
Actually, you're keeping it real for us.
And even though I burst out laughing, the guy did not catch the insult at all and, thinking it was a compliment, continued with his attempt. By that point the most attractive of the three girls had taken herself out of the conversation, focusing on applying make-up, but the other two were trapped. By the time I reached my stop, the guy had lectured the girls on "Tis better to have loved and lost" and explained how he's a "self-proclaimed sweetheart" and was still working his magic when I unfortunately had to depart. Wish I could've seen how it ended.

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