Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Last night I had the first of my 2 fantasy football drafts. It was a live offline draft, taking place at a random production office in Chelsea, with catering from Daisy May's BBQ and many Budweiser Tall Boys. And since a handful of managers are currently employees at Fuse, they brought along the Fuse blogger to track the event and write up his evaluation on the Fuse website. You can read his comments here.
As for my team, Boomer's Leather (if needed, explaination for the name here), here's who I got:
1. Edgerrin James (RB)
2. Steve Smith (WR)
3. Chris Chambers (WR)
4. Kevin Jones (RB)
5. Santana Moss (WR)
6. Marc Bulger (QB)
7. Corey Dillon (RB)
8. Drew Bennett (WR)
9. Chicago (Def)
10. Trent Green (QB)
11. Kellen Winslow (TE)
12. Sammi Parker (WR)
13. Mike Bell (RB)
14. Alex Smith (TE)
15. Lawrence Tynes (K)
I think the B- grade is about right. 6th pick out of 10 is a terrible position, so I'm not thrilled with Edge. Have good receivers, especially in a league where you start 3 receivers a week, and in fact we had a completely unexpected run of 7-straight WR picks to end the 2nd round. Never seen that before. I have a bunch of guys who should be stars if healthy, so hopefully they will be healthy (and stars). Cause I'd sure like to kick ass in this league.


Tommy Himself said...

Didn't Chris Chambers die after being stabbed, while breaking up a fight in a fast food chicken place?

Brian said...

There you have it, the full extent of TSP's football knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Stop sexing Mutombo

Tommy Himself said...


Plus the following:

2. Miami Dolphins (team name)

3. Peyton Manning is a quarterback.

4. P.M. has a brother who is also a quarterback.

5. When they talk, they say "You the Manning!" "No, you the Manning!" (My friend just told me that.

6. There's a guy named Mercury Morris.

7. O.J. Simpson (once a football player) killed some old blonde and a weird-looking waiter.

8. Punters like to tickle schoolgirls in their pink places.

9. Touchdown!

There. Now THAT's the full extent of my football knowledge.

PS: 10. Boomer Esiason gave me crabs.