Friday, August 04, 2006

TRL Moment of the Week
With Justin Timberlake on the show on Monday, of course we had to ask him about his reaction to the Lance Bass news. But of course we had to handle the situation "delicately." So VJDamien asks JT what he thought, and JT, looking shocked, joked "He's gay?" After sincerely saying he's happy for him, VJDamien asked if he had called Lance since the news broke, and JT admitted he had not. VJDamien exclaimed "Come on, you've got to give him a call... he's gay now!"

We did not reference this old commercial.

And from the TRL Graveyard, our initial plan with JT was this: since in his new song he claims he's bringing sexy back, let's see what else he can bring back. We have a wheel of things that have gone out of style, and JT must spin the wheel and do whatever it lands on to show that he can make it cool again. The items:
- mullet
- hackey sack
- acid-washed jean jacket
- breakdancing
- saying "waaassssssuuuup!!!" (my personal favorite)
Sadly, JT killed it because he didn't want to wear a jean jacket.

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