Sunday, March 06, 2005

Muddy Kuwait: After three days of rain, this is these are the condition in which we lived (see our tents in the background). These pools ran about 2-3 feet deep and didn't fully disappear until we left three weeks later.

Reverie: A cool photo inside our tents in Kuwait. The two guys are Sgt. Finney (my team leader) on the right and Spc. Pruett (my buddy and teammate) with his back to you.

Chillin: That's me just hanging out on my cot. Except for the helmet, I'm wearing a standard combat load. Over here in Iraq, we add 6-7 magazines, smoke grenades, and an assault pack, but this pic shows more or less our standard gear.

Waiting: These are the endless sand dunes of the Middle East. As far as the eye could see, there was nothing but sand and scattered rock. We were out on the range shooting this day when our driver decided to return to base early, leaving us with a three hour wait in the sand. This is (L-R) Sgt. Finney, Pruett, and Sgt. Locklear (team 2, team leader) kicking back.

Dune Edit: Because we were so bored, I decided to take some "pretty pictures". This is one I fooled around with on Photoshop. Turned out well, I think.

Smoking Popes: Ok, back to base really fast. I couldn't resist throwing this one in. What do Army dudes do when we're bored without TV or radio? Dress up like popes and play with automatic weapons of course. The intense motha' on the left is Spc. Arnold while the clown to his right is (newly promoted) Spc. Bayette. Those hats on their heads are actually "angel wings", body armor attachments to cover your arms. Needless to say, we have no appreciation for their real usage.

Kuwaiti Sunset: Return to "dune day". This was the final picture I took in Kuwait and it's what I'll leave you with today. I've got tons more where these came from, but the internet (and your mailboxes), can only handle so much. Posted by Hello

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