Friday, March 25, 2005

TRL Moment of the Week (Pre-show)
As we were rehearsing a segment in which Damien would take phone calls from viewers at home, someone patched in an actual fan calling to request Britney Spears, "Do Somethin'" for today's show. The conversation is being played over the P.A. system for the entire studio to hear, as will happen during the live show. Being playful and flirty, Damien starting chatting with her. She's a high school student in California. She asks if we still send out free t-shirts; Damien tells her no. Damien starts to get more intimate, which is when things totally went downhill…
Damien: So what'd you do last night?
Fan: I was at the hospital.
Damien: (awkward pause) Oh. I hope everything's alright.
Fan: Yeah…
Damien: What was wrong?
Fan: I have a cyst on my breast.
(Entire studio crew falls silent)
Fan: And I'm only 17!
Damien: (very long awkward pause) Well I hope you're doing okay. You know what, we will send you a t-shirt, and I'll autograph it and everything.
Fan: Awesome!

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