Friday, September 02, 2005

Had my fantasy football draft last night... 10 teams, all fairly knowledgeable. I had the 7th pick, which is one of, if not the, worst spot in the draft. But here's how I did (round chosen is in parenthesis):

QB: Marc Bulger (5)
QB: Byron Leftwich (12)
RB: Deuce McAllister (1)
RB: Corey Dillon (2)
RB: Fred Taylor (8)
RB: Mike Anderson (11)
RB: Ricky Williams (13)
WR: Chad Johnson (3)
WR: Javon Walker (4)
WR: Jerry Porter (7)
WR: Ashley Lelie (9)
TE: Jason Witten (6)
TE: LJ Smith (14)
Def: Pittsburgh (10)
K: Josh Brown (15)

I have a good crop of receivers, especially getting Johnson with the 27th pick. My running backs are solid but not spectacular... ditto quarterbacks. Getting Pittsburgh's D so late is a steal, and I'm hoping Ricky Williams gets traded from the Dolphins and turns in a monster season... could be the best pick of the draft, or a waste... only time will tell.
After winning this league in back-to-back seasons, it'll be tough to reach the 3-peat.


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