Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wild Like Children
Congrats are due to Tilly & the Wall. They played an amazing show last night at the Knitting Factory, headlining the Team Love CMJ show, and also have officially sold more than 10,000 copies of their album (as announced before their set by Conor Oberst), which is a huge accomplishment for a relatively new band on a small indie label with little (as in no) radio or TV exposure. Old songs sounded great, and new ones showed great promise... I can't wait to hear how they turn out on the next album, which will hopefully be out in early Spring. The show featured the most energetic audience I've seen at one of their gigs, yet the band remains as humble as always, stubbornly awed by the crowd response (let alone attendance) to their show. As their fanbase grows and hopefully 10,000 records sold turns into 100,000, let's hope they learn to recognize that they deserve it.

The gang's all here (almost)... from left to right: Derek, Jamie, Neely, and Kianna (not pictured: Nick, who was blocked from my view by the side of the stage... sorry Nick). Did they rock? As Derek's shirt says, "totally totally."

Not only do Neely and Kianna sing and look like sirens, but they can both jam on bass. In Kianna's words, it was "fucking sweet." Posted by Picasa

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