Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Why Old People Suck, Reason #239
They get night terrors.
During the day.
In the middle of a Broadway show.
At least an old woman sitting 2 rows behind me during The Pillowman did this weekend. She kept falling asleep, then waking up with a start, yelling to her husband "Jimmy!!! What's going on?!?"
It happened 5 times, and during the most dramatic points of the first act. It didn't phase the actors, at least not noticably, but her antics annoyed the audience considerably. Luckily the couple left during intermission and never returned.


Anonymous said...

That is called "Alzheimers Disease" you schmuck.
I hope you're happy now.
Have a good time burning in hell with Hitler and Saddam Hussein!

Anonymous said...