Friday, September 30, 2005

So I subscribe to this British gossip newsletter (it's like the UK version of Gossiplist, but generally less interesting). However, today's issue had one of the most bizarre links I've ever come across. It leads to many unanswered questions:
1) Who in their right mind comes up with the idea of a mail-order sex-toy rental company?
2) Who in their right mind would willingly pay to borrow used sex toys?
3) Wouldn't it be just as cost-effective (and healthier) to spend the monthly fee on sex toys you can buy for yourself and not have to share?
4) Why is this company using a patent-pending cleaning process on their toys? Aren't STDs serious enough that they would use something that is proven to be effective?
I'm sure there are others, but I know I've spent more than enough time thinking about this.


Megs said...

Just because something is patent-pending doesn't mean it isn't effective. It just means the intellectual property people haven't gotten around yet to making sure nobody else has already developed and claimed similar technology. Just saying...

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